Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello Kitty Summer Dress

My daughter just hit the age of Hello Kitty. Anticipating the Hello Kitty craze, I has purchased some Sanrio fabric over a year ago and had the fabric sitting on the shelf waiting for my daughter. Sunday afternoon seemed like the perfect rainy day to make my girl a summer dress with the Sanrio fabric.

I have a previous post on how I made this dress pattern from a tank top. For an explanation on how to approach a simple tank dress such as the Hello Kitty dress in this photo, please click on my DIY Summer Tier Dress post. In that post, I gave step by step instructions on how to make this type of dress.

In this latest dress, I added some new flair. I made my own cotton jersey bias tape and trimmed the top with black. Also, my bias tape is done in two pieces. The chest has one piece of bias and the back, including the straps, are all one piece of bias tape.

The skirted bottom on this dress is a different approach from the DIY summer tank dress. These bottom tiers were cut from the skirted bottom of a simplicity dress. These tiers are not straight rectangular pieces of fabric, as was the case with the DIY dress. These tiers have an arc shaped pattern and a diagonal edge cut in order to produce the bell shape.

I am not completely satisfied with this dress and consider this pattern a work in progress. In any case, this dress looks much cuter on my daughter than in these photos.

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Ashley said...

I Found your blog on Sew Chatty! Oh my goodness! This dress is adorable! I bet your daughter looks absolutely darling in it! What a lucky girl to have a mom who makes her a Hello Kitty dress!!! I love the design!